You Are Not Alone Family Support

As the Central New York leader in deliveries, with nearly 4,000 births annually, Crouse Health’s Kienzle Family Maternity Center, in partnership with our Spirit of Women program, has launched an outlet for ongoing support and awareness-raising activities that will help parents of new babies, as well as those dealing with perinatal depression. The stigma and judgment accompanying a diagnosis of perinatal depression makes it an under-reported illness and, consequently, under-treated.

The program is led by Christine Kowaleski, DNP, MHNP-BC. She is certified in family, neonatal and psychiatric care, and serves as the Regional Coordinator for Postpartum Support International.  For more information and to register for the group or a one-on-one session, call 315-470-7940.

>  What is Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder?

You Are Not Alone Family Support Group

This free group is open to any parent with a new baby, whether it’s your first, second or last. Moms, significant others and babies are welcome, regardless of where your baby was delivered.

The family support group offers peer support and Integrative Health methods to moms and families living with Perinatal Anxiety & Depression (PMADs). PMADs occur during pregnancy and well into the postpartum period.

This group is ideal for moms or pregnant women who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or maternal role transition. It is also ideal for moms or pregnant women with a history of anxiety and depression, and want to be proactive or preventative with current or future pregnancies.

Our support groups will be meeting online, via Zoom.

To ‘attend’ Tuesdays at 6 p.m., click here.
Meeting ID: 905 545 681
Passcode: 563665
646-558-8656,, 905545681# US (New York)

To ‘attend’ on Fridays at noon, click here.
Meeting ID: 511 584 854
Passcode: 250529
646-558-8656,, 511584854# US (New York)

If you have any questions, please call 315-470-7940.

If this will be your first time attending, please click here to fill out a questionnaire.

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