Find the Right Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Like the other elements of your face, your eyebrows often play a part in the way you express how you feel about something—surprise, sadness or joy. But unlike your eyes or nose, you can easily try something new with your eyebrows to make them look different.

Unsure which eyebrow shape suits you best? Read on for tips to achieve the best look for your face shape.

Round: Keep ‘em sharp

Round faces, like those of model Chrissy Teigen and Queen Latifah, require high arched brows with sharp angles to provide a structured contrast to the typical softness of this face shape. Thinking about trimming down that longer eyebrow hair? You can get away with a little snip, but not too short; shorter eyebrows can actually give the illusion of a fuller face.

Heart: Round it out

With heart-shaped faces, like that of actress Reese Witherspoon, most of the attention on the face is already on the eyes and forehead, so it’s best to avoid severe shapes for your brows. Soft, low arches will best balance the point of the chin and keep your face from looking too angular.

Square: Soften the curve

Like the heart-shaped face, the square face (such as Angelina Jolie’s, for instance) looks best with eyebrows that lose the harsh angles and opt for softer curves. With this face shape, the curve is often best suited toward the middle to end of the brow, which draws attention away from sharper jaw lines and avoids making the face look boxy.

Long: On the straight and (not so) narrow

If your long face shape (think Sarah Jessica Parker) leaves you looking for a little fullness, a low, straight brow shape may be able to help. Allow the eyebrow to have a little extended length, which will give the face a fuller look in all the right places.

Oval: Luck of the draw

Those with oval faces, including actresses Halle Berry and Teri Hatcher, can pull off nearly any shape when it comes to eyebrows. Since oval faces already have the length and symmetry most other shapes try to achieve, the only real pitfall to avoid is overarching your eyebrows, which can make your face look longer than usual. Light, dark, thick, thin (but not too thin, of course) —the choice is yours!